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Hansa 2.3 Single

introduction to solo sailing. It is safe, simple and forgiving. With its one sail and joystick controls even a person with no sailing experience can be sailing confidently in under one hour. It is also the Ideal boat to move into for solo sailing for those who are first introduced to sailing in the two seater Hansa 303 Wide.

The wide side decks keep the boat dry even at extreme angles of heel being a single seater with the sailor seated on the centreline and keeping the helms weight low plus weighted centreboard type keel, the boat is virtually uncapsizable.

This versatile boat is fitted with a fully roller reefable mainsail. This arrangement allows the boat to be set up to sail in a broad range of wind conditions and by people with a wide range of sailing abilities.The high boom is kept well away from helms head.

The 2.3 single can also be fitted with servo assisted mainsheet and helm. This is a very necessary addition for Inclusion/training and building the confidence of sailors with limited mobility.

The ideal starter boat for sailors with such needs is a servo assisted Hansa 303 wide seat as they can be accompanied on their first steps. This can be very reassuring as they learn both how to sail and how to use the servo controls. But Ideally the sailor would then be progressed into a servo- assisted Hansa 2.3 Single for the development of their solo sailing and to experience the freedom of sailing alone.

It cannot be overstated that for a person who has limited or no use of their limbs and few opportunities to do physical activities alone, to be able sail single handed and have an equal chance of racing success as everyone else is an incredibly empowering and liberating experience.

Main Features

  • Steered by manual joystick
  • Mainsail controlled by a manual mainsheet.
  • Has the option of electric servo-assisted drives to the mainsheet and tiller, making it suitable for people with severely reduced mobility.
  • High boom is kept well away from helms head.
  • Wide side decking to keep cockpit dry when heeled to extremes.
  • No hiking out necessary.
  • With the seat keeping the helms weight low plus weighted centre board type keel, the boat is virtually uncapsizable.
  • Strong construction with solid bonded hull to deck.
  • The boat, mast and launching trolley fit neatly and easily onto standard car roof bars.
  • Available in many different colours of deck and sail for easily distinguishable fleet sailing, which is very useful for safety monitoring and video/photo feedback.
  • Selected by many Sailability throughout the world as their introductory boat because of its compatibility with the needs of people with a very wide range of disabilities.
  • So simple and stable almost anyone can use these boats.
  • Extremely comfortable, nimble and above all great fun.

The Servo Assist System

Hansa sailing boat Servo Assist controls are generally used to allow people with mobility problems to enjoy the freedom and independence of sailing by themselves, sailing solo. Sailing is one activity where the use of powered equipment serves only to level the field and not give the sailor an advantage. Its use therefore encourages integration and allows previously disadvantaged people to participate, to compete, and to win against others more physically able Hansa sail boats are extremely easy to sail with servo assist and a severely disabled sailor can be very competitive against anyone.
The Hansa 2.3 system comprises helm winch and mainsheet winch, control box, sheet winch selector module, control device (typically a 4-way joystick) and batteries.
We mainly use the 4-way joystick for control which is the basic system, the simplest most reliable and easiest to use. there are a range of other specialist controls available on request.
The System can easily be converted for manual use by disengaging the steering winch clutch and, on the 2.3, by winding out all but a few inches of sheet and then hauling on it by hand.

A choice of 10 deck colours.

Red, orange, yellow, lime, light blue, dark blue, lilac, pink, jade and light grey.
and 10 sail colours
The 2.3 sails are white with a coloured flash usually to match the deck colours
Red, orange, yellow, lime, light blue, dark blue, lilac, pink, jade, white.
This makes for easily distinguishable fleet sailing, which is very useful for safety monitoring and video/photo feedback. Or for your club or sponsors colours to be chosen.

The Hansa 2.3 hard seat

The hard seat is an optional extra and comes in two sizes. It is designed to give more side support and to help prevent the sailor slipping down into the consol area. The seat is instantly removable by drawing 1 pin and untying two lashing cords.


Length 2.3 m
Beam 1.25 m
Draft 0.75 m
Weight 48 kg (including 15 kg in the keel).

Capacity 100kg + 20kg luggage.
Sail Plan Unirig
Sail Area 3.8 sq mtrs (reefable to 0.5 sq. m)
Mast Unstayed 4 m
Seating Single hammock seat.

Steering Manual joystick
Mainsheet Manual mainsheet.
Reefing Manual (hauling line). (This is set before sailing for racing but can be adjusted whilst sailing if cruising)
Hull Strong GRP construction with solid bonded hull to deck joins. Positive buoyancy and heavily rockered for easy maneuverability.

A single boat, mast and launching trolley fits neatly and easily onto standard car roof bars.

Launch trolley for the Hansa 2.3

Specially designed Trailers to enable your club members to join in the Hansa Traveler events to meet and compete with other Hansa sailors.

Specially designed boat covers and sail socks are available for the Hansa 2.3

Hansa / Access Wheelchair User Transfer Dock/Pontoon

This transfer dock/pontoon was developed to serve several purposes and address a number of safety issues: it provides safe transfer of sailors whatever their disability, allows safe keel down transfer from a shelving shore, is modular and portable allowing Access dinghy owners to use waters otherwise not accessible to disabled sailors, it’s easy to launch, set up, recover and store. With this system the wheelchair is safely contained so as to prevent the danger of running off the pontoon.

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