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DX 15 Catamaran

The DX 15 Catamaran is based on a donor Dart 15 or Spark that is renovated and brought up to class legal Sprint 15 specification. This is then fitted with a modified mainsail, jib and forestay. to bring it up to the DX 15 specification. This gives you a quality boat that, with quick and easy rig changes, can be sailed at all Sprint 15 and DX 15 modes.This is probably the most affordable, versatile and environmentally friendly small racing catamaran on the market.

The DX sails have had 2.5 years of testing and trials to collect race data and is now in full one design production. The DX Sport has an official handicap rating of SCHRS = 1.171 and a look-a-like PY = 812

The DX 15 Catamaran is designed to attract young and new sailors who want the excitement of modern small cat sailing but are not yet wanting to commit the funds needed for the latest sports catamarans.


DX 15 owners currently have the following racing options:

  • to Sail DX 15 mode in their club racing
  • to sail DX 15 mode at all Open Catamaran and DX 15 events,
  • to sail Sprint 15 Sport mode, solo or two up at all Sprint 15 Traveller events, Sprint 15 Sport Nationals and Sprint 15 Nationals,
  • to sail Sprint 15 Unirig at all Sprint 15 Traveller events and the Sprint 15 Nationals.

This makes the DX 15 potentially the most versatile, available and cost effective small cat on the UK market.

The DX Catamaran gives you fast small catamaran sailing at its most affordable

  • The DX15 is based on a donor boat that is available for between £1250 to £3000
  • If you wish, Steve at SSM will be happy to provide you with the parts, all materials and any technical  advice needed for you to renovate the boat yourself.
  • If you prefer to purchase a DX 15 fully renovated by SSM and ready to sail then Steve can supply this for between £2500 and £4000 depending on the age and cost of the donor boat

So this really is a very cost effective option.

Recycling at its best

The DX15 catamaran is probably the most environmentally friendly modern small sports catamaran sailing available.

  • Based on a recycled Spark or Dart 15, so brings back into fast racing use those aging and often discarded boats.
  • Modifications are kept to a minimum.
  • All modified parts sourced locally  (cutting transport pollution) and made as durable as possible so as to give a long life before they need replacing
  • The DX 15 and all modified parts used are currently produced by small British companies.

So with DX Sailing you enjoy the excitement of solo fast cat sailing without upsetting the planet 

For further information on the DX 15 catamaran or a quotation, Email Steve on

or phone Steve on 01536 515 558

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