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SS Marine 2018 New boat range

Hansa 2.3 Breeze

Hansa 2.3 Single

Hansa 2.3 Wide 

Hansa 303 Breeze

Hansa 303 Wide

Hansa Liberty

Hansa Skud 18 Skiff

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DX  And Dart 15 Catamaran

Dart 15 / Sprint 15

DX 15 Catamaran

Dart 15 / Sprint 15

Factory Recondition your Dart 15.

Dart 15 / Sprint 15 Repairs and Renovations for further information or a quotation, Email us on 

or phone Steve on 01536 515 558

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Older Dart 15s, being a one design class, when renovated can be just as competitive as new boats.We specialises in the renovation of the Dart 15 and offers owners of such boats a quality and affordable service.

Steve, Managing Director of Steve Sawford Marine Ltd, is himself a committed and successful Dart 15 sailor with many years sailing experience and race tuning the Dart 15.

The photo opposite shows Ron Sawford sailing his Spark, sail no 528. An over 30 year old boat, but after an SSM renovation she didn't show her age either in looks or performance.

In addition to renovations we can provide a full insurance repair package including quotation,repair of all GRP, sail, trampoline or rigging damage, replacement of all irreparable equipment and fittings with authentic parts, collection and delivery.

We also offer a full range of Dart 15 / Sprint 15 replacement parts plus fitting / operating tips from Steve on our online Chandlery store.

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