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Personnel Hoist

Each  pontoon comes complete with a Hansa C-Crane Personnel Hoist. This allows very safe, dignified and easy transfer of sailors to and from their boat.

A dinghy can be backed in between the floats of the H-type Pontoon or alongside the T-type Pontoon a Hansa C-crane personnel hoist easily transfers sailors into the boat from their wheelchair positioned on the pontoons center deck (H-type) or at the end of the walkway (T-type).

Having lifted the sailor clear of his/her chair the C-crane operator simply swings the davit over the cockpit of the boat. The fact that the pontoon is floating freely ensures that the davit is always level and easy to rotate.

It is then a simple task for the C-crane operator to lower the sailor into the boat.

All that is left to do is remove the access personnel sling from around the sailor and away he/she goes to the start line or for a relaxing or invigorating sail, remove the wheelchair from the walkway and call the next sailor for transfer.

(note. some sailors prefer to have their own sling so that they can leave it around themselves ready for their transfer to shore after their sail)


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