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Sprint 15 repair

All are welcome to do there own repairs , I have lost count on the number of these i have done.

You may find this interesting .

  They Arrive      its not too bad steve, They say                  342

I Digg in 


Oh My Word, Did I under price this one                                  


Mmm , Glass needed                Best build a new Deck then


remove all fractured glass, lay new glass this side and remove all star craze Gelcoat

Yes its a messy job !


Trust me thats the easy bit done

Throw in some new gelcoat. Just like that


Cocktail cabinet, Fix onto new deck


Fix Deck on, Its not easy, I have done a lot

Don`t forget to put in new polystyrene buoyancy before fixing the deck


The magic , 3 hours rub down from 120 to 1500 then polish 

If you rub through its repeated, Most annoying 


Lovely, my finger prints have gone from my fingers, must were gloves next time.

Track , Deck fittings, Hatch and that lovely Sailing for all grippy tape


They Go, Happy customers. 



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