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Spark 15 Referb.

My "old" Mate Chris has an older Spark 15 at Shanklin sailing club on the Isle of wight.

What can you do Steve ? she is an old gal over 30 something now.


Best Clean and polish to see what we have.

ssssss_015      ssssss_016


 ssssss_018      ssssss_021

Remove fractured gelcoat to glass.

ssssss_022      ssssss_026

 Fill in with new Gelcoat 

ssssss_027      ssssss_029

Rub down and polish,

Old discoloured boat stripes are easy to spray with a light coat of Halfords car paint the same colour so no primer. this is so the thick paint wont chip off in use. top up if needed and can wash off with Acetone.

ssssss_031      ssssss_034

Flow coat the seam and skegs 

ssssss_032      ssssss_035

OH Yes thats just one hull, REPEAT 

Not bad for an old bloke, sorry Boat.



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