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We would like to tell you about the opportunities that Hansa Access sail boats  are opening up to people with disabilities and the wonderful way that Rotary Clubs around the country are enabling the people in their districts to benefit from them.

The Hansa range of dinghies are the chosen entry level dinghy for many RYA Sailability Groups. Combined with the Hansa Access pontoon system, their simplicity and has made it possible for some Rotary Clubs to buy boats and equipment. This has made it possible for many of our smaller Sailing Clubs and Outdoor Activity Centers to consider providing local sailing opportunities to those in their community who have disabilities.

In some cases Rotary clubs within a location have each donated one or two boats and their combined generosity over the years has provided people in their areas with considerable fleets of boats and all the opportunities that come from such well resourced Sailability groups.
The pictures above and below this text shows Hansa boats donated to Rutland Sailability by some of their various local 1080 Rotary Clubs.

Hansa Access Wheelchair User Transfer Dock/Pontoon

This transfer dock/pontoon was developed to serve several purposes and address a number of safety issues:

  • provides safe transfer of sailors whatever their disability.
  • allows safe keel down transfer from a shelving shore.
  • is modular and portable allowing Access dinghy owners to use waters otherwise not accessible
    to disabled sailors.
  • it’s easy to launch, set up, recover and store.
  • with this system the wheelchair is safely contained so as to prevent the danger of running off the pontoon.
  • the boat can sit safely in the H dock where support and reassurance can be given from both sides.
  • the new or vulnerable sailor does not feel exposed as would be the case if they were lifted over
    the water.
  • This is to our knowledge the only transfer dock with these safety features on the market.
  • The Hansa C-Crane hoist is included with this transfer dock/pontoon.
  • Castors can be fitted to the H-type pontoon for easy launching and recovery. It can then be easily
    taken off the water and stored in the boat park for security.
  • the one in the lower photo has a short (2mtr) walkway for use off a fixed jetty to allow safe H-dock transfers into Access Boats.The Access C-Crane hoist is included with this transfer dock/pontoon.

SSM has put together the following optional package especially for Rotary sponsored boats
A special Rotary livery: white hull, dark blue deck and yellow sails. i.e. international Rotary colours.
Standard graphics: "Rotary the World Over" on both sides of the leach of the main sail. The name of the Rotary club on both sides of the hull. The name of the Sailability group on the transom and the option of the boats name on both sides of the stern quarter of the hull.

Another Benefit to Rotary Clubs
Sponsored boats are often borrowed back by the donating Rotary Clubs, as they make an impact at local events,
in press releases and on TV, demonstrating Rotary's involvement in the local community.

Another Benefit to Rotary Clubs
High profile publicity for your sponsorship both locally and countrywide
(through the Hansa Traveller Series of Events)

"Can I say a big thank-you to the Rotary Club who arrange sailing on the broads for disabled people. Sailing gives us great fun & I am so grateful to the guys of the Rotary club who give up their time to help us.Any disabled person who, like me, feels too much has been taken away by illness. Thanks guys & I look forward to next season to get back on the water. " Steve Sims, Waveney Sailability

Another very major resource that sailability groups need to be successful is as large a team of willing, friendly and resourceful volunteers. In many cases, as well as donating boats and equipment, Rotarians become volunteers themselves and often gain immense satisfaction from their being involved. They are also able to see first hand how their sponsorship gives the volunteers such a boost as well as expanding the opportunities available to the sailors.

The photo above shows a group of New Forrest Sailability volunteers having just rigged their Rotary sponsored boat ready for launching.

Many people when they have learned to race at their own club wants to join in the Hansa class Traveller series. The Hansa Double trailer enables a volunteer to transport two boats and with ease.This trailer carries two Hansa 2.3 or 303 boats. It has special racks at the base to stow the keels. This keeps the weight low which gives the trailer a low center of gravity and results in excellent stability. It also has racks just below the upper bars to stow the main masts (for this they need to be two piece main masts), the jib masts and the booms.

Read below some of the comments made by Hansa Sailors.

"Having spent five years unable to do any form of sport, and for long periods of time struggling even to walk, sailing in a specially designed Hansa Access dinghy provided by Rotary, was the most amazing and exhilarating experience. I cannot properly put into words how I felt."
Sue Barron.

I use my mouth and tongue to control my sailing dinghy. I now sail three times a week at Spinnaker Club in Ringwood and travel around England to Hansa events for disabled sailors. I hope to compete in the Paralympics in London . Being extremely competitive, I have found a sport in which I can excel.
Keith Harris.

"On land I totally depend on other people, but in a boat away from the jetty I become my own man. I have control of what I want to do and where I want to go-I'd like you to know how much being free, feeling capable and self
reliant means to me"
Simon Harle (cerebral palsy)

At the age of 2 Calvin developed a serious brain illness which left him with damaged motor skills, movement and co-ordination.Calvin came to Sailability in May 2005 aged 15. and it wasn’t long before he went out in a single-sailed boat by himself, progressed to sailing our bigger boats confidently. Latter he joined a race training group. Sailing has boosted his confidence and self esteem.New Forest (West) Sports Council Awards January 2006
Calvin Jukes

"I was out in the fresh air again enjoying something new. It was a good feeling on being able to sail and be out in the lovely setting on the lake. Rory and the other volunteers are all very friendly and extremely helpful".
Jenny Monger (severe Osteoporosis) New Forrest Sailability

A friend introduced me to New Forest & District Sailability in Ringwood in 2001 Later I became Chairman. Now, in 2008, we have 13 boats, a volunteer force of 70 and take over 150 sailors with disabilities on the water.
Eric Blyth (multiple sclerosis)

By the enthusiasm and leadership of one or two dedicated people much can be achieved.
Read this Rotarians ongoing story:
Hi. I am a member of the Rotary Club of Shepperton Aurora. I am also on the committee of the Desborough Sailing Club, an RYA Powerboat Instructor, and help Alan Woolford at Queen Mary Sailability.
Alan , who is also a member of the Desborough Sailing Club. here in Shepperton, got me involved in Sailability at Queen Mary
The RC Shepperton Aurora are a regular supporter of Sailability. We raised money for an Access Dinghy for Phabsail at Littleton Sailing Club several years ago and this featured on the front cover of the District Rotary Magazine "Roundabout".

I organised the Rotary Clubs around Queen Mary Reservoir to fund the sails for one of their Devon Luggers "Victory", which was 'named' by the Princess Royal at the London Boat Show in 2006.. of that. The Sails have the Rotary motto and Rotary Wheel on them.
I gave a short talk at the Rotary District 1140 Conference in Lille recently on Queen Mary Sailability and the 'local' Rotary involvement, which I believe was well received;

We at Aurora have just promised £285 towards the sail for a new Challenger Trimaran for QM Sailability (for the 2012 Paralympics!), which together with £175 from Walton Rotary Club makes up the £460 for the mainsail and we have a further £310 from Staines Rotary Club to pay for the launching trolley, making a total so far of £770 by the Rotary Clubs around Queen Mary

Douglas Dick Shepperton Aurora Rotary Club.

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