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Boat Repairs

Boat Repairs and Renovations
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SSM provides a repair and renovation services for GRP Catamarans (Specialising in Dart 15)


  • Located centrally in the country mid way between Rutland and Grafham waters.
  • Run by sailors with  experience in dinghy and cat repairs renovation and tuning.
  • Specialise in Dinghies up to 20ft and Dart 18's and 15's.
  • Good supply of Dart parts in stock including genuine laser parts. Very competitive rates.
  • All work is guaranteed.

SS Marine offers special deals on preparing your boat for those harsh winter conditions or for the sensible among us that winter service in preparation for next spring.Let us quote you for your boats winter overhaul.We carry out emergency repairs to dart catamarans throughout the year but being boat manufacturers we try to concentrate as much of our boat repair work on the winter months when new boat orders are at their lowest. There is much demand for our winter repair and renovation service and sailors are advised to book their winter slot early.

Every boat is, of course, unique in it’s condition, and we offer the following components of refurbishment that the owner can choose to include.

  • Repair chips, crazing, cracks or holes.
  • Renew deck to beam seams.
  • Renew wires, lines or sheets.
  • Replace or re-fit toe loops.
  • Replace hatch seals and/or covers.
  • Re-rivet tramp rails.
  • Replace mast ball.
  • Traveller car overhaul.
  • Rudder stock and blade overhaul.
  • Replacement of any damaged fittings.
  • Sail repairs.
  • Trampoline repairs.
  • Launch trolley repair / renovation.
  • Hull cut back and polish.
  • Supply boat covers.
  • Supply road trailer.

Your boat is a big investment.
Dealing with the wear and tear problems on the hulls, rigging, tramp, sails, fittings, launch trolley, cover and trailer maintains value, enhances safety, improves performance and saves those big jobs later.

Factory Recondition your Dart 15
Older Dart 15s, being a one design class, when renovated can be just as competitive as new boats.
SS Marine Ltd specialises in this renovation and offers owners of such boats a quality and affordable service.

Yes that is me in 1992 Grafham SC

We can provide a full insurance repair package including quotation,repair of all GRP or sail damage, replacement of all irreparable equipment and fittings with authentic parts, collection and delivery ( for boats up to 19ft, Usually on your own trailer)

We can also organise repairs to your sails or trampoline if needed.
* Repair bottom of bolt rope in mainsail.
* Repair to tear damage.
* Re-stitching.
* Reinforcing.

Boat names add that personal touch to your boat or fleet, engender affection and adds personality to what would otherwise be just another boat.While in for repair why not personalise your boat with a factory fitted name and sail /hull graphics. While in for repair why not personalise your boat with a factory fitted name and sail /hull graphics.We can supply Logos, Pictures and Patterns to your own or your Sponsor’s design for your Sail and/or Hull.

Boat Repairs and Renovations
For further information or a quotation Email us on

phone Steve on 01536 515 558

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