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 Steve Sawford Marine Ltd ( SS Marine ) is a family run company, established in 1997 , With my Son Daniel and father Ron Sawford. As committed sailors we based the business on the principle of enabling everyone, regardless of ability, mobility and age to take part in the invigorating sport of sailing.

We are located in Northamptonshire , directly on the motorway and rail hub and midway between the two largest UK inland sailing waters. A circle of 100 miles radius takes in the capital city of London as well as the second largest UK city of Birmingham. Extend the circle by 50 miles and it takes in the most populated parts of the south coast, east coast and west coast.

Steve Sawford Marine Ltd is a full member of the British Marine Federation, is managed by Steve Sawford, a director qualified and skilled in Advanced carpentry and joinery , GRP boat building and fitting out to the highest standards. Steve was trained by a market leader in luxury motor cruisers ‘Fairline Boats’ and worked for many years in both boat manufacture and development. Since leaving them to set up SSM Ltd. The Access range of boats (now Hansa class) of which sales are currently running at around 20 per year. Alongside this Steve's Catamaran and dinghy renovation and repair work has provided up to 25% of the company’s business.

The main product of the company is the Hansa boat range and its accompanying launching and wheelchair users transfer systems. The designer Chris Mitchell, has entrusted the UK manufacture of the range and its distribution and technical support into our hands. We have set up and enabled the Hansa Class Association (HCA(UK)) to develop and support the class.

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Hansa 303 Wide

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