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We are the UK manufacturer and supplier of Hansa sailing boats and transfer systems.
The simplicity and safety of the Hansa design makes sailing a truly inclusive sport, available to all.


Discover the full range of Hansa class fully inclusive sailing boats and the adaptations we can provide to suit every ability.



We manufacture and supply pontoons suitable for wheelchairs, hoists, keel-lifters, personalized adaptations and full servo-systems.



Explore how the Hansa Association UK has provided inclusive opportunities to disabled people using Hansa sailboats.


Freedom! Independence! Opportunities . . . The joy of racing and the thrill of competition!

sails a Hansa Liberty

Having had to stop sailing various classes due to my deteriorating condition, it's great to get into a class which I can continue to sail and adapt as my condition changes.

sails a Hansa Liberty

What I most appreciate is their practicality and versatility. No other accessible boat is so easy to transport and rig. They can be used to introduce anyone to sailing, single handed or double, no matter their ability or age.

sails a Hansa 303

As a T3/T4 the Hansa has given me the chance to get back out on the water doing something I love and on an equal playing field.

sails a Hansa Liberty

As a helper, the Hansa is one of the easiest boats to rig and transport, making the chance of competition entry easier for my other half. The Hansas are not just about the boats, but the people and camaraderie that goes with it.

partner of a Hansa sailor

About us

Established in 1997 by Steve Sawford, along with his father Ron, and later his son Daniel, Sawford Marine Ltd is based in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

As the sole UK distributor of Hansa Sailing Systems, Steve has manufactured 600 Hansa sailboats over the years.

A separate arm of the business offers catamaran renovation services and is currently developing a production model of an electric-powered river launch modelled on a nineteenth-century yacht tender.

Sawford Marine Unit

Hansa Sailing

The range of Hansa sailboats were originally designed by Australian marine innovator Chris Mitchell to appeal to people who would love to have a go at sailing but find it too difficult or uninviting to do so.

Hansa Sailing Systems (previously Access Sailing Systems) was formed in 1992 and there are now over 2800 Hansa sailboats on the water in 35 countries.

In the UK there are many Sailability groups introducing thousands of people to sailing through Hansa sail boats each year.

Sailing for all

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